Friday, July 6, 2018

Term 2 and Term 3 goal

Work well this term? Not getting extracted and learning how I should.
What I am proud of this term? Having fun in learning.
I have I shown my hero qualities? I think I have shown my HERO qualities and build it t
his year and helping the  Little kids at build it.
What are the things that didn't go well for me this term and why?
Talking when the teachers are talking and not listening because
# I forgot I am supposed to be learning.
What challenges me and how did I get through the challenges
I think that reading was hard because I couldn't read the really big words.
What will be my focus next term People sensible in my learning And have more fun at home
Try harder and want to learn because I want to get higher in my groups?
I think school camp was really fun And every single part of camp
. If I got the chance I would definitely go 
again Especially to QE2 that was the most fun thing at camp.

I also really like cross-country because I tried my hardest. And it was the funniest cross-country
at the school I have been at.

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