Friday, July 6, 2018

Term 2 and Term 3 goal

Work well this term? Not getting extracted and learning how I should.
What I am proud of this term? Having fun in learning.
I have I shown my hero qualities? I think I have shown my HERO qualities and build it t
his year and helping the  Little kids at build it.
What are the things that didn't go well for me this term and why?
Talking when the teachers are talking and not listening because
# I forgot I am supposed to be learning.
What challenges me and how did I get through the challenges
I think that reading was hard because I couldn't read the really big words.
What will be my focus next term People sensible in my learning And have more fun at home
Try harder and want to learn because I want to get higher in my groups?
I think school camp was really fun And every single part of camp
. If I got the chance I would definitely go 
again Especially to QE2 that was the most fun thing at camp.

I also really like cross-country because I tried my hardest. And it was the funniest cross-country
at the school I have been at.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Image result for State of Origin
 new South Wales vs Queensland!!!
South Wales vs Queensland Took place in Australia Melbourne ANZ Stadium the game started at 10:30 pm. Queensland and New South Wales ran onto the field they got ready to kick off they kick the ball off. In the first 15 minutes, Queensland had scored once and missed the kick. New South Wales kick the ball off O'Neill Court the ball he went straight into the other players he played the ball the ball went flying to other players They passed it to the wing the wind caught it sept inside and scored the try.
for Queensland. he kicked the ball over the Goal. The score was 10 0.ben hurt kicked the ball off. when Queensland went to catch the ball he dropped the ball it was a Knock on New South Wales got the ball back.

This week we have been working on a newspaper report Could you please send feedback.

Monday, June 11, 2018

school camp

Last Wednesday we win on 10 we got on the bus and we went to would increasing care it took about half an hour to get there when we got there we had half an hour to unpack and then we had to do an activity after that activity Which was Flying fox the flying fox was really high. After we win on the Fliing Fox we went on the Go karts After that we're it in our camp booklet and then we had tea and then we watch a movie Rio in the game room It wouldn't be the Movie that I chose but we got to watch a movie that was really cool and then we went to bed and the first night we kept the teachers up for a long time they only got about 4 hours of sleep it was really funny the next day We woke up we had showers and we went Outside to play all the trampolines and play basketball after we play basketball we had to go inside and get Ready to go to QE2 We got to QE2 we had to wait till everyone else got undressed and got into Our talks I was the first one on the water slide it was really fun It goes down then up and then it goes back down and then you go backwards down a dark tunnel and then you finishI went over that for three times in a row and then I went to the diving boards After beating diving boards I went to the pools and Jumped off the side and we're doing mother's and then we got told off and got told don't do Manu's.Are we in the lazy river for a long time.We had to get out We got out we I'm on the bus back to our cabins when we got back We went to do some riffling and Archery after we do archery we went to Adam's we had to go to bed this morning we had another shower and then we had to it ready to go Back to school.

Friday, June 1, 2018

math work

This week we have been working on skip counting Any number below 20. I skip counted in 15 295

Friday, May 25, 2018


This week it is book week and every day we have been getting books.Some days we have to choose a box and open it or do a treasure hunt to find the book.One day the book was hickory  dickory Dash and the Second book First hippo on the moon.The third book was space and beyond The fourth book was fish in a tree. The first book was the person controller.The first hippo on the moon book.We did an activity on it.We got flour and water we put it on some fabric We Shaped it out the way that we wanted it.We painted over the water and paste After it's Dried And then when the paint dried we took the Flour and water off The fabric.