Thursday, November 15, 2018


Two weeks ago we had our School athletics I tried my best on everything you could do. I really wanted to get into zones when the information come back I was in two zones for my 80 meter sprints and my long distance running I was so happy. It was so exciting waiting for the day to come so I can get into my athletics. The day finally come I was so happy but I was also very nervous on how my races were going to go. I got to school we waited a little bit excitedly the bus finally came we jumped on the bus and we drove to the park that we were having athletics at we had a look around at where everything was so we knew where we were going for our races. I didn't have to worry because it was only 9:30 and my races started at 115 so I had a while to walk around and get used to everything before I started my race. There was a playground there so we played on the playground for a little bit we went back to where we put our bags under the tarpaulin and then I got a drink and then me and my friend Isaac found a  hill that we can roll down. We roll down the hill for a little bit and then we found a ball that we could play soccer with so we play soccer for a bit and then it was almost time for our races so we went back to the tarpaulin and we sat down for a while and waited for our races to start before my races started I'd to get into a line we are we were going to start the race there was the two zones and I was in 1 zone so we were racing the other Zone Part of Canterbury it was really hard because all of them were fast but my first race started my 80 meter race I did alright in my first race but I could have done better I knew that it wasn't my beers to run but it would have just have to be my second race come up it was my 1000 m long distance race this would be my best race out of all because I knew I would not stop for anything I kept on going no matter what even if I felt tired or about to throw up I kept on going it was my best race at all because I really pushed and I didn't stop for anything.

Friday, November 9, 2018


For reading this time we have been working on a book that is called the boy underwater and it is very cool book and it is very interesting to read. There is lots of Cliffhangers at the end of chapters most people don't like it but I like it because it means we can have a more of a surprise the next time we start reading. It is about a boy that has never been swimming before and when he goes swimming for the first time with his class he doesn't tell anyone and he told people that he was the best in the class at swimming so he got to dive in first and then he started to drown and someone had to pull him up from the bottom of the water and then everyone knew that he was not a good swimmer his mum never let him swimming we think because his father died because of swimming and his mother fell asleep so she had to go to the hospital she died so now the kid has to stay at his aunt's house for ever so the person that pulled him up from the swimming pool live right next to his aunties house so they talked and talked he didn't feel like going there anyone from his school because they would laugh.


Hi bloggers on friday we went sailing we had the best time I have waitin some writing on it!?

On Friday we went sailing at the lake rua, First we had a demonstration how to put the boats together in they sent us away we got our stuff and we made our boats and then we got demonstrations on how to use the boat when we are on the water and what to do when you get out and when you turn and when you get in the boat. After we had it at demonstrations we had some time to have some morning tea after I have morning tea they drag the boat over the other side the lake.

After that  he walked over to the other side of the lake we got into groups of 3 we were the first group to get in the boat and have a go and my group Chloe was first and then Nikoli and then me. We had to put the rubber down and suitable down for Chloe I first thought in and it was as cold as ice. We have to wait for every group to have a go and in after every repaired head ago we rang more boats to the other side of the lake and then we went to have some lunch, For lunch I had a sandwich and a apple after we had lunch we played some games on the grass and after that we walked over to the boats of the other side of the lake.

Within seconds We were allowed to have second goes I had the first second and I was really quick so I was by the time that everyone got to the lake we we were sailing from I helped other people get in their boats and push the rappers and everything down so they can go out but I had another go after I did all of the helping that was needed I had another go on the boats.

Soon this was the funniest thing to go on the boat's because I almost flipped but I save myself from falling out of the boat. I went sailing again and again and after that I just started helping people with their boats after I help people with their boats I helped pull the boat up onto Shore so they did not blow out into the water again after that we walked back over to the place where we got changed we took a life jacket off we got changed and then we went to the Matt where we set for the instructions and we sat down and the student council gave the people thank you for having us and then we got on the bus and it took ages to get out of the gates because someone had taken the key so we had to break it open So we set the award for a while until they got it open and then we took all the way back to school and we had fun.       The end

Friday, November 2, 2018

maths slide

For next week he has been working on math slides we have been having a lot of fun working on division.  I am behind so I have to catch up but it has been fun just working really hard on my slides.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

long writing

We have been working on tree counts this week and last week we have been having a lot of fun writing them. We have improved our recent writing.  I have really liked my recount writing because I wrote more than I usually do. I think I have really improved on my capital letters and full stops punctuation. I think I need to work on making it makes sense after I have written all of it and rereading over it because some of my work just not make sense when I do not read over it.
I also think I can work on my thoughts and feelings and 
how I can work on my thoughts and feelings.

I will show you some of my recount writing that I have done!!

I woke up and I got dressed and my leg costume and I got in the car to go to League. I was very nervous because it was our semifinal game if we want it we would get into the semi final. I had one of the biggest jobs as full and the kicker for my team. I had to train really hard for the semi-final to get all my texts over the post. I trained every day to try and get my kids high and long to get them over the post when I needed too.

I finally got to my league match we warmed up and stretched lucky it was a 12 o'clock game and we could have as much time as we wanted to stretch because I got there at 11:30. I was really nervous but I kept on practicing and warming up because I really wanted to win the semi final match. The game is about to start my coat set up our positions and we had to concentrate on where the kick went because they were kicking to us. I didn't like kicking to other people when kickoff time but any other time I like it because I want kick off time they have warmed up many times and they can kick the farthest when they have warmed up they will call when they slow down but it had not started yet so they would be really hot and ready to go.

The whistle blew it was finally time to kick off the team kicked it off I called it because I was the full bag I ran as hard as I can and I I got tackled but I rolled the ball and dummy half step back and kicked it and it landed on their half of the field at rolled into the try line and I tackled him on there so he had to drop hit to us from under the post I got the ball I pass it to my friend Jayden and he ran as hard as he can. He got it really close to the line I posted the dummy half out of the way and passed it to the dummy next to me he caught it he ran as fast as he could and he put the ball over the line and he scored the try. Everybody was happy and jumping all over him. I got the kick over the post I was so happy that I got it over the post because we were playing on the big post and I normally play on the small post field so I was really happy to get it over.

They had to kick the ball to us so I went out onto the wing for this kick because I knew they would try and kick it out so they would get the ball back. They kicked it and it went to the opposite side because they tricked all of us but my friend he saved the ball from going out it was very close to the out linn. My friend caught it and he ran as fast as he could and he said a few people but they're fullback stop them at the last second we kept on rolling the ball and passing but they kept on telling us at a metre away from the line they were pushing us back everyone we talk so we decided to kick it on the 4th tackle I was the one who kicked it and it grubbered through the post and someone called it in the line but he was running so fast that he couldn't slow down so he threw the ball backwards and the other person called it and ran and he got stopped buy a second by my friend Sam he was almost on our half of the field but he just got pulled back a little bit so he was not on our side of the field.

It was almost half time it was the last seat so we tried our best to get the score on the board but it did not happen there was only 30 seconds until end of half-time we tried our best to get it over but I kicked it and it went over the deadline so the GameStop it was still counting down but the game finally stopped because it was half-time everyone walked over to the coach and we had drinks and everything and then we talked for a little bit on our game plan and then we went back onto the field. We had 40 minutes until the game was going to end so we had to try our best to score a few more goals so they could not catch up to us. We finally kick off to them and it bounce and then went out it went out so we got the ball back from where the ball bounce out over the line we walked up to where it went out and we got ready to pull out tracks on them but the first run was my friend Sam and he's still a few people but he got it up near the try line but he couldn't quite get over because of the full back standing in the way so he just decided to run his best and get tackled. We finished off the seat we had two handed over to them because we did not score or kick. It was their bowl and we had to tackle hard everyone was chilling on us to tackle hard and we were trying our best but they scored the try that means that was 64 if they got the cake over it would be 66 but they tried to get the kick over but they missed by little bit it when a little bit to the left because he was on the right and he was a lift kicking not a right. We had to kick to them anyway so I kept it and it bounced but it did not go out so they just ran the ball they got tackled by the lock forward really hard so the he had to go off. We got told that there was only a little bit left of the game so we had to try and score another try so they would not catch up to us.

My got the penalty kick so I stood back and found a place we are the penalty was going to be taken and I kicked the ball for two points but I missed it so they would still be able to beat us if I did not score another. Because I missed the kick it was their ball they ran it hard from the try line I had never seen them run that hard before they were wanted to get into the semi final so I had to try my best attacker was hard as I could so they would not score. It was coming up to the end of the game so we had to score another try to win so I had to Score again. There was only 10 minutes left of the game so we kept on playing through sets until I found a spot to score it was there Bull when I found a spot when someone went on the field so I tried to get the ball back I finally got the ball then I went to halfway and I ran around everyone and I kick the ball of my left foot and it went over everyone I ran left and it rolled to me and I scored right under the goalposts.  I was so happy because I did not think we were going to get into the grand final but I really wanted to get and so I tried my best and I got the wind for our team.

Everybody was happy and the tin whistle finally blue and where you won the semi final match everyone was so happy that we won it but we shake hands with the other team they are breather angry but I'm pretty sure everyone would be angry when I lose a game especially like that game. We walked over to my coach and everybody that was watching they were all happy for us that we got into the semi final and they gave us lollies and everything and then we went home everyone was happy and I went out for dinner because it was really special that we got into the semi final.

The end

Friday, October 26, 2018


Image result for ocean pollution

For this term and last term we have been working on an inquiry for ocean pollution where you have been working hard on it we have been making progress a lot some of us are ahead of others but we have been having fun researching and looking on websites about ocean pollution we have been finding disgusting stuff about ocean pollution like 3 billion tons of plastic and rubbish dump into the ocean every 6 month. We have been sharing our ideas on how we are going to Share our ocean pollution work we have been working hard on our topics and what we have to write everyone has been having fun researching and looking on websites to find how this happens. I'll show you some photos that I have found on Google.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

free writing

I have made a recount for free writing yesterday and I will show you it on my blog.

In the 2 week holidays I went camping with my mum's friends and her kids. We first got there we got our keys to our apartment that was Up Chronicle Hill it looked real cool with the view that we had but the house was old and weird we had me and my friend Callum we had bunk beds in or room And we had so much fun playing on the bunk beds that we almost broke my bunk bed by jumping from one to another we had to go swimming so we started to get our stuff ready but we end up staying at our house for another hour because we thought we would  be there for too long so we stayed.

We waited an hour and we finally got to the pools it was a pretty big line so we had to wait half an hour to get into the pool because it was quite a hot weekend we finally got into the pool and we were going down the hydroslide non-stop we didn't come off it for half an hour straight and then we were in the pools for half an hour and then for our last half an hour of the day we were in the hydroslides again it was so fun because I kept on going I kept on stopping in the slide so people go under my legs when they went it was so funny.

It was almost time to go so we quickly we on the toilet bowl hydroslide at him though it was fun because we went down 3 at a time and we got in trouble but it was worth it because it was really fun. We finally got out and I we got dressed and I looked at my foot I had a massive cut on my foot and I didn't even realise it until I got dressed I walked outside of the changing rooms I had to get a plaster from the lifeguard he thought it was really bad but i did not care about it.

I got back to our apartment and we were very tired so we had tea and we went to bed watching Netflix for a little bit my mum told me off because she only had a little bit of data so we had to watch half of the movie and then put it down I brought my laptop but there was no wifi so I can play anything. My mum's friend add 5 gig so we watch a movie on her phone but when we were finished with the phone it only had 3 gigs left on it. We decided to talk a little bit and then go to bed.

In the morning we got up we had showers all of us and there was not much hot water left because there was about 5 of us that had showers we went to get change but all of our rooms had no power in it because the power people were outside fixing the power lines so we could not have any power it was really cold in the house but we got dressed and we put everything on and we went to the maze next to the put him in the polls after we did the maze we went to the mini golf and out of 5 of us I come second at mini golf.

After a while we decided to go to the pool again when we got to the pool I saw my friend that I didn't even know that was going to be there come to callings that used to go to our school. It was really fun because we went down the hydroslide together and he taught me how to go on my knees down the hydroslide really fast. When we win on the big hydroslide with him we were going down and we kept on falling off at 2 because we kept on bumping into each other on the hydroslide.We were on the hydroslide for about 2 hours straight doing the same thing but then we went over to the pools and had some fun on the pool and lazy river.  we got tired of there after a while so we went to the hydroslides again and we did the same thing over and over for a little bit but then we went on to the next hydroslide that was there and I slowed down and stood up for them to go under my legs and we used to go at the same time when you had to wait 30 seconds between us it was coming up to the end of where we had to go so me and my friend Callum did something stupid we walked up the stairs with a raft but when we were going down the hydroslide we threw it behind each other and we were flying around with no raft I was on my back and there was holes and the hydroslide so it keeps on bumping my back really hard and I keep on flying up and down it was really fun to do that on the hydroslide because I had never done it before. We had to leave so we got all of our stuff and left.

I was very tired again because I stayed up late that night so I got all my stuff and picked up because we were going to leave that morning. We had tea it was pizza we watch some TV and then we played some cards we play last card and we were playing one game for half an hour it took ages and I had half of the deck and then at one point I had one card but my mum made me pick up 15 cards but I come third in the game. It was about 11 o'clock when I went to bed but I stayed up till like 12 and I woke up at 4 and I went back to sleep but I did not wake up till 10:30 so I had to get everything ready fast because I hadn't packed yet So I quickly pack and we left to go home we got home and I had to unpack and then I went to sleep from 4:30 in the afternoon to 6:30 and then I didn't go to bed till 10 o'clock at night. The end

I am proud of this because I don't usually write that much
I think I can improve on. My full stops and capital letters.
In writing this week I learned More punctuation that I can use