Monday, September 24, 2018


Every time we read a book at Reading time this is book launch refugee every week we read it every day we read it for less than 15 minutes and then we go and answer some questions about the book and do some activities about the book and we have been doing that for the last time it has been really fun but I think it has been a bit best book so far that we have had. If you read it you would probably be amazed how good the book is I will show you what I have my questions down on in a slide and what questions are answered in a slide below the writing.

Friday, September 21, 2018

skiing trip

On friday we went to mount hutt to ski and I had a lot of fun I went down the Highway 72 and the magic carpet


This week we have been learning to write a narrative it has been fun. first we did a draught copy and now we have done our publish copy we have done a very good job on our published copy. I will show you below in a link or just below the this writing.

Lachlan was a very good fortnite player. He has lots of world records for fortnite like most kills in one game. Lachlan had lots of practice playing fortnite. He had played it a lot and he had spent lots of money on fortnite. He spent Way too much like $5,000 on fortnite and he may as well have another world record for that because it is a world record by far he had everything that you can buy in fortnite. He did not have much money left. He did not have a job so he decided that he should make a YouTube account to earn money. He started a YouTube account he had lots of us and $0.10 equals one of you and he had a few was 16 million views and a day he didn't know that he wouldn't that good at fortnite everyone was saying to him he was the best in the world but he knew he wasn't he knew there were people that could beat him in a fortnight 1 v 1 battle But he tried 1v1 he tried many 1v1  but he won. The more he began to wonder if he was the best in the world he was one of the best in the world he knew that but was he the Beast he had no idea so he decided to go to someone to see how much money he could earn him to be a good player it was a lot of money he can't even remember the number so he tried and tried to be the best but he didn't even need to try it is ready the best in the world he found out you earn lots of money and his YouTube account had lots of money for him to so he had an way more than he thought to be a good player at fortnite.

Friday, September 7, 2018


This week we have been learning algebra I already do algebra but I went down a grade so I forgot how to do it and I've been learning it again. My maths group has been having a lot of fun learning it again it has been my favorite part about this term it has been so fun I've been trying to learn it and my break times it is very fun doing it again.

Friday, August 31, 2018

long write

Hi I read a story about rubbish in the ocean this morning and I want to share it to you.I'd like my Long write about ocean pollution.

long write

Every year there is lots of rubbish getting put in the sea and lots of animals are eating the rubbish and it is not good for them. after a while They swallow some and then they die by choking or getting poisoned or something like that by all the rubbish that they have been eating.This whale has more than 40 plastic bags and loads of other rubbish that has been left in the sea and that's not even half of the rubbish that has been dumped in the sea it's not even a quarter of the rubbish at it mean in the sea. The sea creatures are eating the rubbish for us we need to clean it up ourselves not the sea creatures. Every day that is more and more rubbish getting dumped in the sea we need to stop the people that are dumping rubbish in the sea.It is making the ocean very bad for people animals and other sea creatures. It is making it worse for our pet's anything that is alive including us anything.I think a way to stop it is putting signs up do not put rubbish in the sea and tell everyone that we should not put rubbish in the sea it is bad for the animals and air and us. I think if we didn't have rubbish in the sea there would be much more animals fish and sharks and whales to watch but it is rubbish in the sea so we losing animals everyday. If we lose the rubbish we keep the animals.So it is in a really important thing to Keep rubbish out of the sea. Thank you for reading my long right.I hope you believe me that we can stop rubbish going into the ocean.

Friday, August 24, 2018

eco trip

Hi blogger,We went on a eco trip we went to the Recycling place where they put all the recycling I saw her which ones go in order the five Rs. We also learnt The process that the recycling had to go Before it went to another place.It goes through a machine and people pull out all the rubbish that is in the recycling it is stinky in there in the summer.It is amazing what machines that they go through to get to the place that they need to go. There are machines with lasers that detect what stuff it is going through the machine.

My speech

Hi blogger, for the past few weeks we have been writing a speech and I presented it last week. My speech was on how women can play sports as well as men.I had fun writing my speech is no I didn't get into a speech competition I had fun writing it and presenting it in front of a class. I will show you my speech down below. I hope you will read the speech and be amazed.

My speech
Hi, I'm Hunter and I'm here to convince you that women can play sport just as well as is the same when men play a sport. If you think women are not as good at sports as men. I hope I can change your mind with this speech that women play sports as good as men.

I think that women can play sport just as well as men and sometimes better than some men.

Woman can win International championships for example a few years ago when the women won the sevens cup. It was the first time ever that is has been won. It shows that woman can International championships like men.

I think that woman can be better than some men at sports because they have more practice.

I think women can play Rougher and tougher than men can sometimes.  

220 million people play sport in the world it is a large number of people in the world that play sports and most of there are women so therefore more women play sport than men. When women play sport  they are as good at sports as men.

I hope I convinced you by this speech that Women can play sport just as good as men can. I hope that you believe me by this speech that women can be just as good as men.