Friday, March 15, 2019


Playing ki-o-rahi it has been hard and fun. I learnt how to play the game really fast. Our group has learnt the game really fast. We worked really well in our groups. We got lots of points cos we work together. We knew what we wanted to achieve because we had a plan.

We didn't fight and everybody knew where they needed to be to catch the ball and score it was really cool because we ran around and do what we needed to do and we kept on storing points.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Movie camera angles

We have been working on movies and one thing that we have been looking at a lot of camera angles. One of the camera angles is zoom and it is where you zoom in to make the movie really effective and look cool.

Where is the zoom out shot it basically does the same thing. One camera angle that we have looked at in looks really cool is the over the shoulder camera angle.

The Far Away shot and the close up shot are the ones that we use the most because they are the easiest.

zoom out shot
over the shoulder shot Image result for zoom out shot

Monday, March 11, 2019

Movie making

WALT I can write a narrative using correct structure

Monday and Thursday we do music from Period 4 and 5. We have been making small movies. It has been fun. We have learnt a lot about making movies and what camera angles are good for what shot you are trying to take.

For our play we did Three Little Pigs and has been really hard because of the annoying people in our group not concentrating on what we want to do.

In my group I am the narrator and Filmer, Keghan is the pig so is Latoya and Bianca and Jamie is the wolf. It is time to put our movies together and see how they turn out.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019


I have joined Hornby community is about helping around hornby and the good people in hornby. Hornby is my passion because it's where I live and I would like to make it better for everybody. Gold coin donation mufti day. I Fundraiser will be fun because everybody gets to dress up as they wont and you are fundraisers.Ask the principal and some teachers if they will help us fundraisers.   

Friday, March 1, 2019

reflection questions

what game did I find challenge and why?  I think that bench ball was the most challenge because there was a lot of ruing.

One of the golds was to listen? I need to not get destructed when the teacher is taking. Ignore my friends when the teacher is taking.    

What was some communication skills did I need when playing bench ball?  Listen when the teacher is taking are when the rules are beaning given.    

What skill do i need to work on for my next lessen?Playing fear in the game listing to how ever is taking.

what is a personal goal I want to work on?Playing fear in the game listing to how ever is taking. Do not be a ball hog.  

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Summer learning journey prep 1

Today we are doing summer learning journey prep 1 and we had to pick a country and I chose australia I chose australia because I have been wanting to learn more about. The population in australia 24.2 million people.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Pet Day Afternoon

In the afternoon after we made a vegetable sculptures we went  outside to look at the sheep shearing it was a cold to watch because they were really fast at doing it afterwards we lined up and we watched the dog the ducks into a cage it was really cool because they listen to anything that the dog wanted them to do.  After that we asked some questions like how old is the dog how long does it take to train the dog. We went inside we got a drink and then we come back out for the Agri sports it was fun because he was tiring sack racing and hobby horse races in jumping over hay bales. After we did agree sports we went to find our parents with our pet's. I brought my cat to school he was very scared but happy at the same time because he was playing with lots of kids and sleeping.