Thursday, August 3, 2017

my week

,  Blake, Brayden and Liam are making a” Don’t Bully” video for our Digi Award  .

Brayden is going to tell the teacher that we are fighting.

Mrs Taylor is the teacher (which was organised by the group)

Liam is the person who stops the fight.

Brayden is the person who runs to get the teacher when the kids are fighting to get help.

Blake and Hunter are in the playground when Hunter comes up to Blake and punches him for no reason.

Blake falls to the ground in pain.

Liam comes to help but Blake gets angry with him and tells him to go away. Liam doesn’t leave Blake because he knows that he in pain and needs help.

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  1. Hey Hunter,
    This sounds like a great video! Have you thought about where you are going to film it and what editing programme you are going to use? I wonder what the theme is for digi awards that made you think of this idea?


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