Friday, May 11, 2018

Non Chronological Report

The last couple of weeks we have Been writing lots of Chronological reports it has been fun Writing them.


The eze air is a shoe.It was designed by Hunter. Six People Were asked to Investigate the eze air For one month.

The eze air is an awesome shoe. It is made out of aluminium.The sole of the shoe is Black.The top part of the shoe is blue.The laces are black and blue. You can buy metal sprigs to put on the bottom of the shoes then you can play rugby in the EZE AIR.You can play any sport in that EZE AIR, they are also good running shoes.

The designer made the shoe out of aluminium because it won't get ruined Until  your feet grow out of the shoes.

The shoes will be sold in the shops for $245

Thay make you run faster so you win races.

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